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About Me

I grew up in northern Michigan and this is where I have raised my family. My wife and I still call this home.  I have had a broad range of experience over that last 30 years.  I worked in the ski industry for 15 years and also filled my time doing a variety of hands on work. I have done rough and finish carpentry, landscaping, excavated basements as part of large scale residential development and single family homes.  I have been called on to repair faucets, do some painting and organize annual fire suppression system inspections and even been a contract damage inspector for Hurricanes Gustov and Ike in 2008. Over the past few years I have become a skilled custom heavy glass installer for shower enclosures and railing systems.  I have been privileged to work in hundreds of homes throughout the area.  I have worked in homes from the relatively modest to the most elaborate; each reflecting the unique character of the homeowners, designers and the builders.  JRHS has been blessed to have the opportunity to help our clients breathe new life into their homes by way of creative remodeling projects, decks, kitchens, baths, siding, windows doors and the like. In most instances these homes represent the fulfillment of a deeply held desire to provide a beautiful home for the homeowners and their family.  People matter to me and details matter to me.  I will always treat you and your home with care and respect. 

      Just Right Home Services has come out of a desire to serve people doing many of the things I enjoy most while working with my hands.  Most importantly it allows me to care better for my family and to take better care of my clients.  At this stage of my life the creative outlet, bringing value to individual home owners and growing relationships is what breathes life into me. 

     It would be my privilege to meet your needs as a home owner or soon to be home owner.

     I'd love to hear what projects you need done.

​     Chris

     Just Right Home Services, LLC

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